Our rooms

    he Hercegasszony Hotel accommodates roughly 50 guests: 7 uniquely furnished rooms, and 10 apartments with kitchen, at a 4-star equivalent level of quality.

    The more than a hundred years old building renovated to modern standards hosts 7 rooms with the following parameters:

    • 4 double-bed rooms,
    • 2 rooms with two extendable beds and a double extendable sofa,
    • 1 room with a double-bed and a double extendable sofa.

    The 7 uniquely furnished elegant rooms boast a spectacular photo wallpaper offering the background to the large beds, with paintings inspired by nature. Greyhounds, wild ducks and hunting dogs, a field of lavenders and water lilies - they all lend an elegant, intimate or spring-like feel to the rooms. The large-sized “canvases” are paired with modern furniture evoking classic lines, creating a unique design in every room with fine carpets and rich materials; the built-in furniture follows simple and clean lines.

    Let’s find out more about the paintings which create the unique feel in the rooms!

    Room 1 - Jean-Baptiste Oudry: Misse and Turlu, Two Greyhounds Belonging to Louis XV

    The French painter is an animal painter of the 18th century, and the Two Greyhounds Belonging to Louis XV is one of his famous works. Misse and Turlu will guard your dreams!

    Room 2 - Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait: Ruffed Grouse Shooting 1857

    The British painter Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait was inspired mostly by wild nature, here immortalizing hounds in a ruffed goose hunting. The lively image lends warm colors to the room.

    Room 3 - Luca Signorelli: The End of the World (fragment from Apocalypse fresco) 1499-1502

    Signorelli’s fresco is in the San Brizio chapel in Orvieto. Its monumentality and richness of detail creates a spiritual and unique mood in the room.

    Room 4 - Claude Monet: The Artist's Garden at Giverny, 1900

    Travelling by train, the painter glimpsed one of the most picturesque towns in Normandy, Giverny, where he later settled. The painter immortalizes a paradisiacal garden whose richly colorful landscape invites to a virtual promenade.

    Room 5 - Jean-Pierre Domergue: Woman with greyhounds, 1931

    The French painter Domergue is famous for his many portraits of Parisian ladies. Woman with greyhounds is one of these canvases presenting fine elegance.

    Room 6 - Max Agostini: Weeping Willows at the Lily Pond, Giverny

    The painter was captivated by the Giverny garden, as well. His picture helps us to a sweet abandonment in a summer landscape.

    Room 7 - Lou Wall: Spring

    Standard and superior apartment rooms

    In the former stable on the estate, we set up 10 apartment rooms equipped with kitchen. While the main building is rich in elegant and sophisticated solutions, this unit was designed to be modern, youthful and energetic. A rural note is added to the modern elements here; the attractive simplicity of Scandinavian design meets the touch-inviting textures and exciting furnishing solutions. Cast concrete, natural wood and earthy colors with fresh and striking colors characterize the apartments; following the design idea of the main building, every room is designed to be unique here, as well.

    Our apartment rooms include:

    • 2 double-bed rooms,
    • 2 double-bed rooms with a single ottoman,
    • 2 rooms with two extendable beds and a single ottoman,
    • 2 rooms with two extendable beds,
    • 1 room with two extendable beds and a double extendable sofa,
    • 1 room with a double-bed and a double extendable sofa.
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