Leisure/Sports opportunities

    Thanks to its rich natural setting, the Körös is excellent for various leisure activities. Albeit one could never get enough of the estate’s spectacular view during the relaxing hours spent on the sun porch, the active recreation opportunities shouldn’t be missed either.

    Come and discover this magical setting! We provide the following services for your adventure:

    • Bicycle rental
      ikes are available for women, men and teenagers. Child seats can be rented, as well, and families can enjoy their activities thanks to the child trailers available with our bikes.
      Rental: HUF 300 per 1 hour, HUF 1,500 per one day
    • Canoe rental
      3 four-seat canoes are available for exploring the Túrtő backwater; oars and cork jacket included.
      Rental: HUF 500 per 1 hour, HUF 2,500 per one day
    • Paddle boat rental
      2 pieces of 4-seat swan-shaped paddle boats with slide are available for water adventures.
      Rental: HUF 500 per 1 hour
    • Off-water opportunities
      o those who want a little off-water recreation once on the shore, card games, chess, badminton sets and balls are provided.
    • Barbecue in the garden
      Your recreation on the waterfront can become even homelier with tin kettle cooking and barbecue. The service is free of charge; tin kettle is provided, as well, and the barbecue trays, wood or coal necessary can be bought at the reception.
      For anyone having a taste for it, we can cook delicious bites in our beehive-shape outdoor oven.
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