Körös Valley

    The meandering Hármas-Körös (Triple Körös) reaching more than 90 kilometers is constituted by the confluence of the Sebes-Körös (Rapid Körös) and Kettős-Körös (Double Körös). The river meets the Tisza at Csongrád, and the single most important influent stream is the Hortobágy-Berettyó.

    The pattern created by the tiny backwaters of the Körös in the area offers an unparalleled view. The Túrtő backwater running along the Hercegasszony Hotel is one of these magical waters. The rich wildlife, the lush greenery and fresh air of the backwater are combined to offer a sensation of perfect freedom, while enjoying a truly homely stay in this area. Take a long walk and fill your energy stores in this region!

    The forests flanking the water are the home of various singing birds; their foliage hosts heron settlements and rare predatory bird species. Numerous den birds live in the holes in the decaying trees.

    The backwaters are full of the domestic fish species. Most frequently occurring in the Hármas-Körös and its backwaters are carp, crucian carp, bream, catfish, walleye, eel, busa, and even brown bullhead in the backwaters. Water quality is improved by refreshing, bed cutting, populating with herbivorous fish species and plant cleaning.

    Profit from the excellent active recreational and sports opportunities along the Körös! Get a rest in the summer breeze on the sun porch and the free beach, or, if you are braver and more adventurous, get on the water with a canoe or paddle boat!

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